“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will be qualified to teach others.”

2 Timothy 2:2


“Vineyard Leadership Institute here at Vineyard Columbus was the wonderful instrument God used to train, equip and prepare me to answer and fulfill the calling to start and pastor La Viña, the Hispanic congregation of Vineyard Columbus. This training gave me a solid foundation for this new and exciting journey. I really appreciate the fact that Vineyard encourages women in church leadership. The Pastor Residency Program will be a great opportunity for people from all backgrounds who have a call to ministry to be equipped like I was.”

Irene Casale-Petrarca, Pastor of La Viña

We’ve learned that the success of new churches and campuses is directly related to raising up new leaders. We want to invest in the next generation of leaders by creating a robust 2-year pastor residency program that will combine training with practical ministry experiences. We will develop these leaders to pastor new campuses, plant new churches, and go on the mission field. The cost to fund this pastor residency program over the next 6 years will be $1.5 million.


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